Breaking Barriers: Redefining Technical Standards for Disability Inclusion in Canadian Medical Education

Docs with Disabilities Podcast - Panel 1

April 14, 2024

13:00 -

14:30 PDT

Room: Hyatt, Plaza A/B
Open Session

All ICAM delegates are welcome to attend.

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In this special live recording of the “Docs with Disabilities” podcast, join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the groundbreaking initiative to foster greater equity, diversity, and inclusion in Canadian medical education. Leaders in the field have recognized the need for change, and this episode sheds light on the transformative work led by Dr. Cheryl Holmes and her committee over the past year.

The podcast delves into the critical evaluation of outdated technical standards that have inadvertently created barriers for individuals with disabilities aspiring to pursue a career in medicine. Members of the committee have meticulously re-envisioned the current Technical Standards, offering a comprehensive redefinition of the functional abilities required for medical training. The aim of this document is to dismantle obstacles and create a more inclusive admissions process for Canadian medical schools.

Listeners will gain valuable insights into the committee’s findings and recommendations, providing admissions teams with guidance on best practices and key messaging. The panel discussion delves into the driving force behind this crucial initiative and explores the potential impact of the final document endorsed by the Board of the AFMC.

Be part of this enlightening conversation as committee members share their perspectives on the significance of this redefined approach to technical standards. Discover how the document offers exemplar Functional Abilities for Students Entering and Completing Medical School, paving the way for more meaningful opportunities and greater disability inclusion in Canadian medical education.

Don’t miss this enlightening live recording that promises to be a catalyst for positive change in the landscape of medical education. Also, after the conference, tune in to the upcoming episode of the “Docs with Disabilities” podcast and be a part of the movement towards a more inclusive and diverse future in Canadian medical schools.

Red topographic lines in circle.
Ms. Rachel Giddings
2nd Year Medical Student
University of British Columbia
Red topographic lines in circle.
Dr. Lisa Meeks
Associate Professor
University of Michigan Medical School
Circle of blue halftone dots
Dr. Julia Hanes
3rd Year Resident
University of British Columbia
Blue topographic lines in circle.
Dr. Cheryl Holmes
Associate Dean
University of British Columbia
Blue topographic lines in circle.
Dr. Julia Hanes
Dr. Julia Hanes
Second-year Resident
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of British Columbia

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