Ms. Luisa Bandeira Binder


Université Laval, CERVO Brain Research Center

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About Ms. Luisa Bandeira Binder

My name is Luisa Bandeira Binder and I am currently pursuing my PhD in Neuroscience at Université Laval in Québec city, Canada. I am originally from Brazil and I have been residing in Canada for almost 3 years. Prior to my arrival here, I started to participate in CERVOLET CERVO Brain Research Center Student Association. For the past 2 years I have been the vice-president of the association and working not only to develop professional and academic events for the Research Center, but also towards improving the life-quality and learning experiences for fellow students.

My research focus is understanding molecular and cellular mechanism of chronic stress leading to the development of depressive disorders and therapeutic approaches. Considering that graduate students have increased exposure to chronic stress leading to higher risks of developing depression, I believe that we should work to improve the working environment and studying conditions of all graduate students.

In 2023, I started participating in ICAM organization committee as a graduate student and actively participated in the Learner’s Forum of 2023 as a graduate representative. Unfortunately, at the moment there is not (yet) an official association of Graduate Students of AFMC, but I am committed to work in the best way possible to bring forward our problems and challenges to the faculties. As an international graduate student, I believe that can bring forward additional struggles and challenges faced by international students in other faculties of medicine in Canada.

Speaking at...
Inclusive Excellence in Learning Environments: How Leaders Can Support Sustainable Healthy Learning Systems
April 14, 2024 11:45 –
13:00 PDT
Dr. Cédric Lacombe, Dr. Devon Mitchell, Mr. Maxime Bell, Ms. Éolie Delisle, Ms. Helen Jin, Ms. Khadija Brouillette, Ms. Luisa Bandeira Binder, Ms. Michelle Lam, Ms. Wenxuan (Wendy) Wang

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