Dr. Lynn Ashdown

Patient Experience Lead Advisor


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Dr. Lynn Ashdown

About Dr. Lynn Ashdown

Lynn Ashdown is a patient experience expert who advocates for patient’s to be included as stakeholders in all levels of healthcare. She has a medical degree from The University of Ottawa, and was close to finishing her residency in family medicine when she began, and continues to navigate, a complex journey as a full-time patient. She has a masters degree in medical education, and presents, participates in research, and is a senior patient partner consulting with various organizations. She’s involved in curriculum reform focusing on patient partnerships in medical education as well as improving disability education within medicine. Lynn is a disability advocate, drawing from her experiences as a patient and person living with multiple disabilities. She’s a member of the Canadian Association of Physicians with Disabilities, and the Equity in Health Systems Lab. She’s also working on policy and legislative changes to combat ableism and inequities people living with disabilities encounter.

Speaking at...
Plenary: Ableism | Systems Of Inequity: How Ableism Pervades Health Care And Medical Education
Systems Of Inequity: How Ableism Pervades Health Care And Medical Education
April 17, 2023
15:00 –
16:00 EDT
Dr. Jessica Dunkley, Dr. Julia Hanes, Dr. Lynn Ashdown, Dr. Tal Jarus

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