Dr. Vincent Wong


BC College of Family Physicians

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About Dr. Vincent Wong

Dr. Vincent Wong is a family physician based in Vancouver, BC.  He completed his BScPharm, MD, and MHA at the University of British Columbia.  He is the Co-Site Director, Vancouver-Fraser Site, and the Assessment Portfolio Co-Director, of the UBC Family Practice Residency Program.  He is serving as the President for the BC College of Family Physicians in 2023-24.  He is currently a graduate student in the Masters in Health Professions Education program at Maastricht University, and his master’s thesis focuses on the development of teacher identity in family physician preceptors in a community-based practice context.

Speaking at...
The struggling medical student: Insights from lived experience research
April 13, 2024 15:00 –
16:30 PDT
Dr. Victoria Luong, Dr. Vincent Wong

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