Dr. Mohammed Elhassan Abdalla Elsayed

Associate Professor

School of Medicine-University of Limerick

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About Dr. Mohammed Elhassan Abdalla Elsayed

Graduated with an MB.BS from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Gezira, Sudan and then got a master’s and PhD degrees and a fellowship in Health Professions Education. His PhD thesis on social accountability was one of the first theses on the topic internationally. Dr Mohamed Elhassan has memberships and affiliations to regional and international organizations that work in Health Professions Education and Social Accountability. Dr Mohamed Elhassan’s publications and research interests are in the areas of social accountability, Teaching and learning, Accreditation and Cost and Value.

Speaking at...
Towards a Global Consensus on Medical School Accreditation Standards for Better Health
Social Accountability Standing Committee (ISAASC) Session
April 13, 2024 10:00 –
11:30 PDT
Dr. Cynthia Whitehead, Dr. David Marsh, Dr. David Rojas, Dr. Erin Cameron, Dr. Lisa Graves, Dr. Maxwell Kennel, Dr. Mohammed Elhassan Abdalla Elsayed, Dr. Robert Woollard, Dr. Roger Strasser, Dr. Roghayeh Gandomkar, Dr. Sean Tackett, Mr. Nicholas Torres
Charles Boelen Lecture
April 13, 2024 11:30 –
12:00 PDT
Dr. Mohammed Elhassan Abdalla Elsayed

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