Training For Transformation: A Symposium in Support of Health Care Reform

10:00 -

11:00 EDT

Room: CCQ, 308A
Open Session

All ICAM delegates are welcome to attend.

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Access to primary care has reached crisis levels. Government’s response is to produce more family physicians,  increasing the number of family medicine residency positions and opening  new medical schools with a primary care focus. But will medical schools be able to produce enough physicians to meet the need?

This symposium shares the progress made by 20 health disciplines developing primary care training aligned with the educational reform being advanced by family medicine. Team Primary Care: Training for Transformation is an initiative to prepare the health workforce to work into provide comprehensive primary care access to care.

Come share your ideas on how this multi-million dollar project funded by Service Canada can support the social accountability vision of medical schools working in collaboration with our colleagues across health professions.

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