Creating the Best Resume Workshop

April 14, 2024

13:00 -

14:30 PDT

Room: Fairmont, Discovery Floor, Moresby
Closed Session

Delegates can attend by invitation only.

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Dr. Nana Lee brings the elements of reflection, meaningful engagement and marketing your story in this interactive session on designing your dream career and life.

All attendees of Dr. Nana Lee’s career development sessions are highly encouraged to fill out Science Careers Individual Development Plan and invited to bring in their resume for feedback after viewing her The Best Resume video.

At the end of this session, participants will:

  1. Discuss and learn optimal ways to utilize the Science Career’s individual development plan for career development and research productivity;
  2. Discuss and learn new ways to create meaningful engagements throughout their graduate careers and beyond to design their own career pathways;
  3. Learn about CAR statements and how to implement them effectively to create the best resume possible for their dream job.
Blue topographic lines in circle.
Dr. Nana (Hyung-Ran) Lee
Associate Professor
University of Toronto

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