ICAM 2024 Health Research Abstract Submission Portal is Now Closed!

Thank you to all of those who have submitted a poster!

Here’s a glimpse into why we’re brimming with anticipation for ICAM 2024:

  1. Unprecedented Participation: This year, we’ve witnessed a record-breaking number of abstract submissions. This overwhelming response is not just a testament to the passion of the global academic medicine community, but it also promises a diverse and enriching array of presentations.
  2. Cutting-edge Topics: From the exploration of telehealth in the post-pandemic world to the latest advancements in medical AI, EDI and CPD, the submitted abstracts span a multitude of groundbreaking topics. This year’s congress promises to be a melting pot of innovative ideas that have the potential to reshape the landscape of academic medicine.
  3. Global Representation: The abstracts hail from over 16 countries, reflecting a truly international conversation. Such diversity ensures that we approach topics from various cultural, economical, and social perspectives, enriching the discussions and widening our collective horizon.
  4. Collaborative Opportunities: The depth and breadth of this year’s abstracts hint at ample opportunities for collaborations. Whether it’s forming research partnerships, pioneering global health initiatives, or developing educational programs, the possibilities are boundless.
  5. Dedicated Sessions: Given the volume and quality of abstracts, we’ve carved out dedicated sessions to ensure that every voice is heard, every idea is debated, and every innovation is celebrated.
  6. Networking like Never Before: With so many experts, researchers, and professionals under one roof, the networking opportunities are unparalleled. The knowledge and experience waiting to be shared are beyond measure.

Stay tuned for updates on our program, speakers, and networking opportunities.

We look forward to seeing you at the Congress, where together, we will redefine the boundaries of academic medicine. We are United Together for a Healthier Tomorrow.