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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a series of frequently asked questions covering various topics. If you do not find an answer to your question below, please reach out to us at

ICAM will follow public health guidelines in place at the time of the event in accordance with the venue-set policies and measures and we urge our delegates to follow suit.

We encourage all delegates and staff to stay at home if they are exhibiting any symptoms.

Additionally, ICAM will ensure that masks are made available for those who would like to wear one at our event.

No, the website program is simply a tool to provide better insight into what we are offering at ICAM. For those delegates who have registered for the Congress, you will be provided with the app and virtual portal, which would be our final program, enabling you to customize your schedule.

Yes, for those delegates who have registered for the Congress (either virtually or in-person), you can watch our plenaries through the virtual portal or app, and it will be available until Friday, June 30th, 2023.

Yes, for our international delegates who have registered for ICAM, we ask that you reach out to with your confirmation number, flagging that you would like an invitation letter; our team will be happy to work with you in getting this arranged.

ICAM is working on being as equitable as possible and has implemented a few new pricing categories, which may need to be clarified.

You will register under the Full Congress Registration if you are a doctor or physician. However, suppose you are not a doctor or physician and work in a medical facility/institution/organization. In that case, you qualify for the Administrative Staff rate, which would enable you to gain access to the entire Congress.

ICAM 2023 registration is open until June 30th, 2023. Delegates are encouraged to purchase their registration ahead of time; however, they will also be given the option to register on-site.

All sessions in the program marked as “Open” are open to all delegates who have registered for the Congress.

ICAM will offer simultaneous interpretation for our plenary sessions in English and French and will provide closed captioning options for our delegates. We ask delegates to please ensure they bring headphones to listen in.

The Québec City Convention Centre meets the standards of the National Building Code of Canada and the American Disability Act and is rated “accessible to persons with a physical impairment” by Kéroul. The Convention Centre has an action plan to meet the needs of the mobility impaired and is proud to be an inclusive and fully accessible facility. 


Accessible to Persons with a Physical Impairment

The Québec City Centre’s facilities are rated “accessible to persons with a physical impairment.” This means that the Centre meets all of the accessibility requirements established by Kéroul, a recognized organization that works to make tourism and culture accessible to persons with restricted physical ability. Convention Centre facilities, access, and equipment are adapted for all our visitors. The Centre is a secure facility and offers personalized greeting and support services to guests with disabilities.


Wheelchair available

To make your life easier, the Québec City Convention Centre have wheelchairs available for your use at the Convention Centre. You only need to leave an identity card. Visit the ticket office or reception.


Special needs

Do you have special needs? Please do not hesitate to contact the ICAM team at who will work with you to ensure your needs are met.

The Hilton and the Delta are within walking distance of the Congress Centre. You can either get to the Congress using the outdoor route, which takes roughly 1-2 minutes from either hotel or reach the Congress Centre through a tunnel indoors. We recommend you ask the front desk once you check-in how to get to the Congress Centre using the indoor route.


Workshops are 90 minutes long. Session rooms are equipped with a screen, projector, laptop, and flipchart. Rooms are set in rounds for 40-60 people. The room is available to you 15 minutes before your session begins.


Oral Sessions

Oral sessions should be a maximum of 10 minutes long, followed by a 5 minute live, moderated Q&A session.

The presentation upload site is the same platform you have used to submit your abstract. Your account information (login and password) remains the same. If you forget your password, please use the option to reset your password.  

Please upload for EACH in-person accepted abstract

To complete this process, please follow these instructions:  

  • Login to the speaker’s portal here, using your credentials – email address and password
  • Under “Accepted” submissions, click on the gear icon beside your presentation and select “Presentation Information”
  • Scroll to the “In-person presentation file” section and upload your presentation
  • When uploaded, a notification will appear informing you of the status of the upload
  • To replace an existing file, upload the new file, and the existing file will be removed
  • Only one file can be submitted

All presentations submitted in advance will be pre-loaded onto the computer in the session room.  We strongly recommend that presenters bring a backup presentation on a USB flash drive.  


Speaker Ready Room

Room 2103, 2nd Floor, Centre des congrès de Québec

Friday, April 14th                        09:00 – 17:00 

Saturday, April 15th                      09:00 – 17:00 

Sunday, April 16th                        09:00 – 17:00 

Monday, April 17th                      09:00 – 17:00 

Tuesday, April 18th                        07:00 – 8:30  

Speakers are requested to check-in at the Speaker Ready Room at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled presentation. The computers in the Speaker Ready Room will be configured with hardware and software exactly like the ones in the meeting room.  

As is best practice, please review your presentation on the computers in the speaker ready room.  In case of any issues, an onsite representative can help trouble shoot any potential issue before your presentation. 



Poster presentations take place during the dedicated poster session on Sunday, April 14th from 13:00-14:30 in the Poster Hall, room 2000D in the Québec City Congress Centre. You are asked to please stand by your poster and be able to discuss your research with participants.

Poster Specifications 
  • The posters may be 87” high by 36” wide, or smaller 
  • Material on surface: Braelock fabric 
  • Velcro and pushpin compatible 
  • Metal frame: 1” squared 
  • 10 Velcro dots will be provided onsite 

Suggestions for Effective Posters  
  1. Letters and numbers should be large enough to be readable from 1.5 m. For example, font size recommendations for Arial font: Title = 72 pt; Author and Affiliation = 48 pt.; Text = 36 pt. Use simple typeface and use bold type for headings. 
  2. Use bullets and keep text to a minimum. Don’t crowd information onto the poster. 
  3. Keep figures and tables simple. 
  4. Use a simple background and colour scheme that does not detract from the information being presented. 
  5. Excessive use of organized logos or advertisements is discouraged. 
  6. If possible, provide miniaturized copies of the poster (e.g., 22 cm x 28 cm: 8.5″ X 11″) and your business card OR provide a QR code of your poster and contact information. 
  7. Provide an envelope where people can leave their business card requesting additional information.  
  8. Include a recent photo of yourself in the upper right-hand corner so that people can find you for discussion later.  


Set Up

The poster hall will be open starting on Saturday, April 15th at 7:00. You are welcome to set up your poster in the hall starting on Saturday morning, until the dedicated session on Sunday, April 16th at 12:00. There will only be a volunteer in the room on Sunday, April 16th from 10:00 until the dedicated session begins at 13:00. 


Tear Down

Posters can be kept up in the poster hall until Monday, April 17th at 17:00. The poster hall will be open for ICAM participants to walk through throughout the conference. If your poster is not taken down by Tuesday, April 18th at 12:00, it will be disposed of.

Please note that all abstract presenters must be registered to the congress. You will not be able to present without registering.

ICAM does not adhere to a strict dress code. However, we suggest that our delegates dress in business casual attire.

All meals at ICAM will be served in the exhibit hall in the Québec City Congress Centre at 200ABC.

We are excited to announce that ICAM 2024 will take place in Vancouver from April 11 – 15, 2024.