April 3rd – April 6th, 2025 | Halifax, Canada

Halifax Convention Centre

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What is ICAM?

Bringing together medical educators and health research leaders.

The International Congress on Academic Medicine (ICAM) is the first international gathering dedicated to academic medicine. It will be the place for the academic medicine community to meet, network, and develop new relationships and collaborations with colleagues from around the world.

ICAM will showcase innovation and scholarship in medical education and health research. Medical students, residents and graduate students will have the opportunity to present their work, network and connect with medical education and research mentors as well as prospective employers.

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World-renowned international speakers​​

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Cutting edge plenaries and accredited courses tackling global themes in academic medicine​

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International presentations and symposiums like the Gairdner Symposium​

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Workshops/orals/poster presentations from the best and brightest emerging talent​

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Dynamic and memorable in-person networking opportunities.

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The Exhibit Hall welcomes the top-talent in Canadian and international medicine.

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The AFMC Awards and Reception.

Congress Shapers

Transcending borders.

AFMC is pleased to bring together expertise and collaborators from across the globe and throughout academic research. ICAM is shaped through their vision, experience, and dedication.

Association of Medical Schools in Africa
Association of Medical Schools in Europe
Association for Medical Education in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Conférence internationale des Doyens et des Facultés de Médecine d’Expression Française
Pan-American Federation of Associations of Medical Schools​
Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand
South East Asia Regional Association for Medical Education
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